AHFIplc a Private Limited Company established in 2009 with a Paid-up Capital of US$ .5 Million. The Company is engaged in manufacturing confectionery mainly Bubble Gum in Ethiopia for local market.

We use mostly machines from England and Pakistan for manufacturing Bubble Gum. Semi-automatic technology is intentionally used to employ maximum number of workers especially female workers for manually packing of Bubble Gum. We presently employ almost 300 permanent workers.

In February 2009, we started production at rented factory in Dukkem, January 2013 shifted to rented factory in Lagetafo. Later 6,350 Sq. Meters land was acquired from government at Sandafa Industrial Zone keeping in view future expansion plans. Factory building was specially designed following international health and safety standards on about 2150 Sq. Meters. The construction work completed in 2015.

Initial annual production capacity is increased from 3 million Bubble Gum Boxes (2009) to 7.5 million Bubble Gum Boxes (2016).

Our following brands available for sale in whole sale market of Ethiopia mainly Addis Ababa:

Ding Ding Brand Brand Bazooka Bubble gum with Tattoo Sticker in Tutty Fruity Orange Flavor.
Nana Brand Brand Bazooka Bubble gum with Tattoo Sticker in Spearmint Flavor.
Party Brand Brand Bazooka Bubble gum in Tutty Fruity Lemon Flavor.
Foot Ball Brand Brand Bazooka Bubble gum in Cinnamon Mint Flavor.

Our following brands will start in near future:

Magic Pop Brand Powder Bubble gum in 10 different Tropical Fruit Flavor.
String 4 Brand Palate Bubble gum in Strong Peppermints Flavor.
Lolly Dolly Brand Ice Sticks in 10 Different Seasonal Fruit Flavor.
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